What colours to choose for your new home?

The thought of ugly paints after buying new flats haunts everyone. At Usashi, we have decided to open up the secrets of a happy colourful home to you:

Wet area flooring

Colour is not only for your walls. Flooring paints are great way to give a unique but subtle appeal to your home. The wet area means the bathroom and kitchen floor. Foyer and laundry, if you have a separate section for that. Monochromatic look is majorly preferred. If you cannot choose, then go for the wooden floor look for any flooring including these. Wooden floor look goes well, if your furniture is light in colour.


The colour of the ceiling can visually increase or decrease the size of your room. If you want to lower a high ceiling, then paint it darker than the walls and if you want to give your room a wider and bigger look, then paint it lighter than the walls. Though white is the most sorted option for ceilings, you can add a tint of pink or off white. Creamy ivory gives a very elegant look and is a safe option for those who are confused.


Subtle hues are best for bedrooms. It adds a romantic and peaceful feeling. Different shades of blue, soft yellows, baby pink and lavender are the best colours for bedrooms. If you want to experiment a little, then paint the walls with different shades of the same colour. Another way is to paint one wall in a dark shade of the same colour on other walls.

Drawing room

A vibrant look for the drawing room is must. Orange, dark purple, gold and reds are the favourites. If you want a bold appeal, then black and red are the best. Choose two colours next to each other on the colour wheel for a visual contrast.

Play safe

If you still cannot decide, we have few play safe options for you – that is neutral colours. You will be astonished to find how many shades are available today. Other than beige and white shades of mahogany, rust and garnet can intensify the looks with the right décor.

Choosing colour is not a hard work when you have clear imagination. Also apply ample amount of testers and never be afraid of experimenting. Have a colourful home!

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