Top 5 Bathroom Flooring Options

Get a classy look in the bathroom of your small as well as 3 bedroom flats in Kolkata by choosing the right type of tiles on the floor of your bathroom. See how:

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Change the interior of your bathroom

Just as you renovate the rooms of your home, have you ever thought of renovating your bathroom? The bathroom is an integral part of your house. From getting up from bed to hitting your sack, you use bathroom countless times in a day. While paying attention to other rooms, you should not overlook the bathroom. The appearance of your bathroom gets transformed when you change the floors. You should keep in mind that the floors of other rooms and your bathroom cannot be the same. Bathroom floors should be water resistant. Hence, choosing the right tiles in your bathroom is extremely important to prevent mishaps and also to ameliorate the overall look of a bathroom. Take a look at the top 5 bathroom flooring options mentioned below –

1. Vinyl tiles

Bathroom is a place where you should install tiles which are not slippery. Being waterproof, vinyl tiles are the apt ones for your bathroom. You can match the color of tiles with the color of the bathroom walls. Various colors and designs of vinyl tiles are available in the market.

2. Porcelain tiles

If you want to have a wooden look in bathroom flooring, then you should go for the porcelain tiles. The tiles are durable and can be cleaned with ease. With sundry shapes, sizes and colors, you can customize bathroom designs as per choice.

3. Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are non-porous and scratch-proof, keeping the floor dry. These tiles are the most preferred ones because of its anti-slipping quality.

4. Solid hardwood

As you step in your bathroom, the cold water on the floor gives a chilly touch in feet. Hence, install solid hardwood tiles to have warm feel. The tiles are cost-effective and earth-friendly.

5. Natural stone tiles

Stone tiles are widely used in bathrooms, as they last long and are available in multiple options such as in marble, travertine and limestone.

Why wait? Install the perfect floor tiles for your bathroom, and let your guests compliment the refurbished look. Facelift your bathroom with sterling flooring options mentioned above.

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