Signing a rent agreement? 5 pointers to be kept in mind!

Many people prefer renting over buying but renting is equally a risky task because most of the individuals fall prey to many traps related to the agreement. The house rent agreement of a property is one legal document that almost none can avoid. While you buy flats in Kolkata, you have to go through different legal procedures; it is similar in case of renting. You may have to negotiate or at least sign one either for personal or business use but you can’t avoid because this will help in authenticating the rent.

Points to be considered

Rent clause is something that has to be maintained. The first thing to check is the rent you will pay and the increment clause. This is certainly about your hard earned money and you definitely will not want it to get wasted or cheated. That is the reason for having rent clause. This has to be checked firmly.

Fees and charges for facilities should be checked in details. Like, when you buy affordable flats in Kolkata, you pay for the amenities being offered to you, similarly here you have to pay rents for the facilities served to you. Don’t just pay for anything that is not offered to you.

Terms and conditions should be read and understood properly before signing any document. This will save you from any unwanted trap.

It goes without saying that you should visit the house that you are going to rent before moving in. Renting also involves money; hence you should check and inspect the home in person. Everything should not be sorted out verbally.

Make sure the rent agreement clearly mentions who will pay for the regular maintenance work. This factor is also equally important like the previous ones. So be very strict regarding maintenance cost.

Renting is equally important like buying; this should always be kept in mind. You will definitely not like to experiment with your hard earned money by signing the wrong agreement papers and get cheated. Thus, it goes without saying that these many factors should never be ignored while going for rent agreement.


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