What are the safety measures you must take to safeguard your home from thunderstorm and lightning?

This year Bengal has witnessed an increased rate of deaths from thunderstorm. Unlike other natural disasters, thunderstorm is not taken seriously. Sadly, we can see the results. The first thing to do during a thunderstorm is to run indoors. That does not mean that your safety is 100% ensured. There are safety measures to be taken while indoors as well. Let’s have a look at the safety¬†measures you must take to safeguard your home from thunderstorm and lightning.

Direct Precaution against thunderstorm and lightning

Install well grounded lightning rods along the roof peaks. This will help direct the lightning into the ground instead through the house frame.

Consider putting smoke detectors in attics, in case lightning does start a fire. Make sure your smoke detectors are still working and replace the battery every year.

Indirect precautions against lightning and storm

These will help against wind and water current. This is required to safeguard your house from thunderstorm.

Install functioning storm shutters on your windows to protect the glass from flying debris.

Install plexiglass instead of glass panes in the windows to reduce the possibility of glass shards flying around.

In case of periodic strong storms, you can pre cut sheets of plywood and install permanent mounting brackets for the windows.

The roof shingles must be periodically checked. They must be replaced after few years of use.

Use tar or other sealants around flashing for chimneys, vents and roof seams to protect against leak.

What not to do to save your family and your home during a thunderstorm

Unplug every gadget being electrically charged.

Avoid the use of cell phone during a thunderstorm.

Do not use washing machine during a storm.

Do not run the water pump.

It is safe not to touch the power outlet or switch board during a period of continuous lightning.

Switch off air conditioners.

Stay away from plumbing.

Do not touch water pipe lines or take a shower.

If the lightning persists for more than 8 minutes it is better not to use any electrical equipment (TV, Radio, Music System, Microwave oven, Iron, Fan, Tube light, Lamps etc) at all.

Making your home completely protected from thunder and lightning is very crucial for your family and resources. While buying a property you must check its safety features. Stay safe.

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