Safety Measures to Follow When Cleaning Your Roof

Many times it happens that you buy apartments in Kolkata, but do not pay heed to the roof of your apartment. The dirt-filled roof can invite insects to breed. Hence, make time for cleaning your roof by keeping in mind the safety tips enumerated below –

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The necessity of getting your roof cleaned:

You clean the interiors of your home regularly. In a bid to paying importance to cleaning your indoor zone, you overlook the need to clean the roof of your home. The debris and branches of trees which fall on the surface of the roof invite birds to nest on them. Most importantly, the stains on the roof are not good for the interiors of your home. Hence, you should get the roof cleaned once or twice a year.

Potential hazards associated with cleaning the roof:

Accidents and injuries might take place while you are cleaning the roof.

A) If your roof is not enclosed from all sides, then you might trip and fall.

B) If the floor of the roof is slippery, then you may lose your balance and fall down.

C) If you use wrong objects for cleaning, then you may invite more dangers at your end. Using suitable objects is essential while cleaning roofs.

Follow these safety tips while cleaning:

1. During monsoons, the tiles of the roof remain slippery. Hence, choose the summer or winter months for cleaning the roof.

2. Use right type of cleaning solutions for roof-cleaning. Make sure the cleaning solutions do not contain harsh chemicals. Use eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

3. Wear rubber gloves when you pour cleaning solutions.

4. Wear boots which are designed for cleaning roofs, as the right type of shoes will prevent you from slipping.

5. To support the weight of your body and to maintain right balance, use a ladder which is made of a hard material.

6. While cleaning, place your feet on dry areas.

7. Before you take tools in your hand and start cleaning, pick up shrubs, leaves and other unwanted stuffs from the roof.


Make your home a better place for living by cleaning the indoor and outdoor areas. Elevate the overall look of your 2 bhk flats in Kolkata by keeping your roof dirt-free.

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