Room’s Colour and Your Mood: Is There Any Relation Between Them?

Colours play a vital role in our lives and those colors splashed across the walls of your room depict your personality. In fact, these painted colours can affect your mood too. Hence, choose the ideal color for all your rooms to create the best mood. Buy apartments in Kolkata that give you ample chances to do up your rooms with different colour tones to set the correct mood and ambiance.

Few tips for choosing colors for your room

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  • White – White can be the perfect color for bedrooms as it gives a very subtle tone and creates a very elegant ambience altogether. White can transform the look of a small room into a bright and spacious one.
  • Yellow – Yellow talks about vibrancy and energy. This will suit the best for your living room and Puja rooms. If the entrance of your house can be so energizing, it can spread the perfect harmony throughout the home. Even budgets flats in Kolkata can be experimented with warm and soothing color tones.
  • Red – The most intense color that can pep up your mood as well as raise a room’s energy level instantly is red. An entryway painted with red can be a perfect choice to create a strong first impression. Some splashes of red in the dining room can look very aesthetic and bright, setting a lunch or dinner mood perfectly.
  • Blue – There cannot be any calmer color than blue. Apply this shade in bathrooms or in areas where you spend most of your time. The tranquility that this color brings is simply unimaginable.
  • Purple – Light purple color can be quite suitable for bedrooms and drawing rooms as well. This royal color creates a very charming ambience setting up a cheerful mood.

You can also use colour combos like pairing pink with red or purple and orange look. The living room can have a makeover a colour scheme like vibrant green, watermelon red, blue and tan.

Playing with colors on the wall of your flat is fun but care needs to be taken while choosing multiple colors for a single room. Limit the number of colors in a room to not more than 3 or 4 in order to avoid a cluttered feel. Be it a small or a big house, color combination or choosing the ideal color should be perfect enough to set the right mood.

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