Pros and Cons of Automated Doors

The use of automated doors is becoming popular with each passing day. Have a look at the pros and cons of automated doors before you install them.

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Avail the unbeatable convenience

The days are gone when you have to open doors with your hand. In modern age, automated doors are widely in use in many residences and commercial zones. With automated doors, you do not have to open doors by using your hand. Your physical appearance will let the doors open automatically for you. If you are planning to install automated doors in your home, read through the pros and cons enumerated below:

Few clear positive sides of having automated doors


You do not require to use your hands while opening and closing doors. Hence, these automated doors are beneficial for people whose hands are filled with bags and other items, handicapped and elderly.

Graceful Look

The automated doors elevate the look of the place because of its various configurations and an array of design options. The automated doors come in folding, swinging and sliding options. The materials used in the automated doors are mainly aluminum, fiberglass and steel. A plethora of sizes, shapes and designs can be found in the automated doors which jazz up the overall appearance of these automatic doors.


Top-notch Security

The automated doors cater high level of security to the users. After the doors get closed, you can be assured that no one can enter your place except you. These automatic doors enable the doors to be open with the help of codes which are known only by the user of the place.

Few negative sides to keep in mind

Highly Expensive

Installing the automated doors can break your bank. Owing to sun dry colors and designs, the prices of the automated doors may vary.

Timely Maintenance

You will have to do recurrent maintenance to keep the automated doors working for you. There are many internal parts which need to be cleaned regularly.

Fear of getting stuck

In case of power failure, you cannot use the automated doors. The chances of getting stuck are high in rooms with automated doors.

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