Interior Design hacks For Small Apartments

Decorating small space is a real struggle. Modern day has forced us to compromise space but at the same time given us some smart tricks to use the little space in several genius ways.  

Keep it lite

Monochromatic tone gives an illusion of continuity, paint your entire apartment in one light colour preferably white/off white/beige. This will visibly dissolve partitions and will make your apartment look bigger. Light tone will help reflecting the luminosity throughout the space.

Slide the walls

Instead of breaking the space with walls, use sliding partitions. This partition can be used as a book shelf or storage unit. Walls make an apartment look small. Sliding doors will also do the same trick.

Mirror magnifies

Yes, mounting big mirror covering the wall will make the room look double in size.

Ceiling, when will you use it?

Who said you have to mount everything on wall or use up all your floor space. Using vertical space is one life saving hack all interior decorators swear by. Kitchen is the best place for it. Mount hanging rods to hang utensils.

Who is above the door?

Use the space above the door for storing beautiful show pieces or other decorative articles. This gives a classy appeal to the apartment.

Bang on wall

Mount slide out book shelf ladder; pull out closet and a table and chairs set on one side of the wall of your study. Keep the rest of the space empty. This will make your study look tidy and big.

Fold it

The market is flooded by enormous amount of folding furniture. Most of these have multiple usage. Look for such options when decorating your apartment. They are light on pocket in most cases.

Give space to have space

Keep at least one side of the wall of each room completely empty. Plan more floor place in kitchen and drawing room.  

Why spend on big when you can make it large with cool hacks? So now you know what to do right after you buy your 1 BHK apartment in Kolkata. Be open to experiment and give your home the wacky look it deserves.

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