Green living – tips for a greener lifestyle

It is really sad to see how the term eco-friendly is getting stereotyped and ornamental. Showing gratitude to the environment requires you to actively participate in it. Reducing it to an essay topic is actually killing you. The more you give to nature, the richer you become. There are many simple tips that can make your lifestyle easier.

We waste so much on beauty care, spa, and salons. But there are many things in your kitchen that can keep your skin and hair healthier. Use lemons, turmeric, yoghurt and honey for a month instead of SLS loaded expensive products and feel the difference.

Gardening can be made greener by planting vegetables, flowers or fruits with medicinal properties, and such things do not require any great gardening expertise.  You would not need to rush to the market every now and then.

Installing the main switch for all your electrical equipment outside or adjacent the door can help you cut off electricity bills. Most of us forget to switch off individual appliances in hurry. So before leaving just click one and it’s done!

Have you ever thought how much money gets wasted in cleaning products? Not all of them are necessary. Use the baking powder with lemon juice or white vinegar for dishwashing. You can also use them as toilet cleaner along with carbonated drinks.

There are many ways you can save water. Use leftover detergent water to clean your floors. Pour extra tea liquor in a spray bottle and spray on your hair for lustrous tresses.

Now, most of us prefer to stay in an affordable residential complex in Kolkata or elsewhere instead of vintage houses. Taking this community living to a responsible citizenship can resolve a lot of issues. Sending children in one car to school or going to workplaces in a car together can help the environment as well as the budget. Take turns in sharing cars and you will see how much money you save daily.

Nature provides us with the right balance. But now we are out of synchronization with nature. The ample amount of knowledge we have gained in the field of eco-preservation over the past few decades can help us breathe more oxygenated air. Let us join hands and go green!

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