First-time home buyer? Here are some useful interior designing ideas

First time home buyers are usually young and looking to decorate their cozy apartment according to their personal style. If you just bought your first home, essentially still an empty space, visualize the setting in which you would like to live and bring that to life. The essence of freedom and independence that comes after buying and decorating your first home is priceless. If you live in Kolkata, and want to become a homeowner, now would be the perfect time to invest to buy a 2 or 3 BHK apartments in Kolkata and build yourself a home.


Start off by selecting a theme for your apartment, like minimalistic, vintage, contemporary, French and others. After finalizing the theme, pick the décor accordingly; even magazines like architectural digest can be a huge help if you are a new homeowner in Kolkata looking for creative ideas. Rooms in which you plan to relax in, doing them up with textured carpets, mats patterned pillows and comfortable blankets would make the difference. Lamps, antique decorative pieces, flower cases, paintings are perfect additions, binding the room together.

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Colour scheme

Painting the walls of your flat or apartment in light colors is advised. You can add a pop of color in the room with one wall painted in patterns or bright bold colors. A neutral palette, with two or three bright color pop ups with contrasting and matching pieces of décor is the latest new trend.


Lighting is extremely important to make your dream home look bright. Kitchen and bathroom should be lit with layered lights. Generally, think about the use of the room – figure out the rooms in which you want plenty of natural light and in the ones you don’t.


Splurge in durable and space-saving furniture as they are quite an investment for first-time home buyers. Measure your room and buy furniture accordingly but do not jam-pack the room. Armchairs in the living room, a bookshelf or a coffee table are small pieces of furniture that will make your apartment feel like home.

Cushion Covers and Bed Covers with wide range of fabrics, designs, colour and sizes add grace and elegance to every home and individual space. Remember the above pointers when you buy flats in Kolkata for the first time.

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