Feng Shui tips for staircases

Feng Shui tips for staircases

A staircase actually faces quite a difficult Feng Shui, no matter whether it is of the office or home. But there are certain points that can be taken into consideration to make the Feng Shui of the staircases perfect without any hazards whatsoever. Staircases have the energy of constant up and down movement, so it usually creates an unsettling quality of energy. You have to be very careful regarding this issue. When you buy flats in Kolkata, make sure you consult with a professional expert and then examine the position of your staircases.

  • A staircase located at the centre of a home or an office is not ideal. The negative effects of a centre staircase seem to be stronger for a home than in an office. So, instead of going for the look, take the scientific reasons into consideration.
  • In case the stairs face the main door directly, it so happens that the Feng Shui energy is quickly driven to either the lower or higher floor and leaves the main floor without any positive flow of energy. Hence, if you buy properties in Kolkata, make sure your staircases don’t directly face the main door.
  • If your staircase points towards a window, you are losing energy so close it immediately.
  • Stairs with open risers lose flow and energy. Hence, staircases should be complete with a proper backing or support; otherwise, the ill effect might be faced by your near ones.
  • Red carpets on the staircase floors should always be avoided for better results. Materials like carpet, wood or tile are all fine coverings, with wood being the most preferred as it offers growing energy that rises.

All the above-mentioned tips are scientific and they give the best advice on how positive energy flows and in which direction. Feng Shui cannot be exploited with the wrong way of positioning staircases. Stairways do more than just provide a way for us to get from one floor to the other. Hence, we must take good care of them. To be more scientifically driven is more rational an act than just getting carried away by stylish designs of the staircases.

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