Do You Think You Should Consult Your Child Before Buying Home?

Children are and will always remain the biggest part of every family. They are the reason for joy and also subtle fears in every parent and family members. But how does your child’s opinion count when you want to plan to buy a flat in Kolkata? A lot of times, parents end up disregarding their child’s opinion and then end up in a house that the child may dislike and not feel happy in, thus whining about it all the time!

Here is why taking your child’s opinion on the house you choose is important –

The area that you choose always matters

Choosing a secluded neighborhood away from the bustling city life may be peaceful for you, but everything that most children are fond of happening to be in city areas. Places like movie theatres, playgrounds, malls, pet cafes are generally rare in places which are still developing and lack too many places to socialize. Consulting your child may help in sticking to an area that will be convenient for everyone in the family on a daily basis.

Distances from school and other places

Some children may have great consistency skill and others might lack it. Often, this consistency depends on how much the distance from home to school or other places like tennis classes, piano classes, art classes, dance classes, etc. are. Consulting your child while buying while getting some budget flats in Kolkata is necessary as sometimes children are able to tell whether they want an area close to their school, and most importantly their friends.

Selecting rooms and the type of rooms that come with it

Sometimes your child might want a smaller or bigger room according to their needs or play or having friends over. It is best to select some 3 bedroom flats in Kolkata that will have enough options for your child to choose from, as it is important that they get a room of their own choice.

Having a property not far into the countryside

Having a property that is way into the suburbs will only prevent your child from meeting their friends, thus consulting them before investing in a property is a definite better option.

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