Decorating mistakes to avoid in your home

Decorating home is a form of art and even if a tiny bit goes wrong, the entire décor may look odd. Hence, think and then come up with ideas in order to decorate your home in a beautiful way. There is not one rule that everyone should follow, but you need to decorate in such a way that suits your rooms and preferences perfectly. If you buy 1BHK flats in Kolkata and give the entire interior a gaudy look just like a luxury apartment, then it will definitely be a disaster. So, think and then choose the best for your house.

Some of the mistakes that need to avoided are –

  • Avoid repeating the same fabric throughout your space. You should choose different fabrics for different aspects but that should go well with the rooms.
  • Without testing a color, never apply them on the walls. It is very critical to test out paint color variations in your room before you finalize something.
  • Make sure your front entrance exhibits some sort of style. The entrance will lead to the other areas of the house, so that will create a great impression altogether.
  • Too many small frames on the walls look clumsy. Try to avoid that as much as you can. Try out bigger frames to make the interior look classy.
  • Don’t keep everything that you buy in the room just to showcase them. You must exhibit those which you need to.
  • Don’t feel compelled to match all furniture pieces and accessories inside your home.

Be it coloring your walls or choosing the perfect furniture for the rooms, everything needs to look apt and orderly. When you buy apartments in Kolkata, you must always check the size, interior quality, door quality and the spaces provided. Accordingly, you must plan to decorate the rooms. Interior design is all about you. It is your choice that will reflect on the walls, curtains, furniture and every little aspect of the house. Hence, you got to be very careful about the common mistakes that people do. Try to avoid them to make the interior look worthy of all adulation and awe.

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