Home décor: How to do that without spending a fortune?

Are you a first-time home buyer? Usually, people buying a home for the first time have very little knowledge about home décor and find it difficult to stick to their budget while furnishing their homes. Overspending is a common mistake and people end up buying things they do not need. Even if you are on a strict budget, you can find plenty of inspiration online or in various home décor magazines and will be able to build your dream home.

Let’s find out how to do the decoration with a limited budget.

  • Build from the scratch

If you want to save a fortune or add your personal touch to your home, making your own furniture from scratch is a good option. From wall shelves, bookcases and other small furniture, everything can be built at home with the right inspiration and instructions. You can also sew your own cushion covers; you will find a lot of help from décor magazines and online websites these days. Consider it as a big art project and start decorating your home with your own art.

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  • Buy second-hand furniture

Online sites like eBay, craigslist and others sell used but good conditioned furniture. You can bargain with the seller and get a good deal. Make sure you check the furniture and other things that you’re intending to buy, thoroughly, before paying as sellers have a tendency to hide the problem in the piece of furniture or home décor items. Do not overpay for a damaged item and inspect everything online as well as in person.

  • Antique décor items

If you have bought a 2 BHK flats in Kolkata and want to decorate in a budget, visit a few antique shops. You can pick up antique clocks, flower vases, photo frames and other decorative items. Antique pieces will add a rustic feel to your home as well as help you to cut down on your expenses. You can also recycle and reuse some of your old furniture.

If you are tight on budget, keep your décor minimalistic. Budget flats in Kolkata have very limited space; therefore keeping your décor simple is key to make the space seem bigger. Follow these ideas or look for others online and style your home according to your taste and preference.

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