Best Home Painting Ideas To Captivate Your Guests

Human beings are social animals and we love to entertain guests, don’t we? And, we love to hear compliments, too, right? We may deny, but you know that we do. So, why not try and decorate in ways that captivate your guests? If you’re living in an affordable residential complex in Kolkata and have guests coming to a lot of times, with innovative ideas home painting can captivate your guests.

Decorate in the best way possible
The focus of any room is mostly on the walls. So, paint your walls in a way that it surprises your guests. Paint it boldly and add a slight hint of floral design to it, keeping it artsy. Everybody loves a little bit of art, don’t they? Add paintings to the walls to brighten the focal point of the room even more.

Ceilings of apartments in Kolkata at an affordable rate are often hard done by. But, don’t be so mainstream. Paint your rooms’ ceilings carefully so that they draw attention as well. Choose a different color for the ceilings than the walls. Try to go for a lighter shade such that the difference is visible and appreciable. Decorate your ceilings any way that you want. No holds barred there but keep it easy-going in nature.

Let the texture be a little artistic
Texture painting is possibly the most unique and most creative way to paint your rooms. Keep the texture a little breezy to keep it contemporary. Or, if you love the retro form, you can use the shade like that. For budget flats in Kolkata, brightly colored and a little bohemian form of painting and decorating might work extremely well. It’ll be an instant praise the moment guests enter the rooms. Also, works like a charm in these situations, are faux paintings that recreate a wood or a marble-like effect.

Fill the room with just enough murals to draw attention. It can be a monochromatic one or one that’s vibrant with different color shades. But, you need to plan them well; if implied perfectly, they can take your breath away. And, if not, they can simply ruin the room’s artistic essence, leaving your hard work go in vain.

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