5 ways to make your home look bigger and spacious

The 21st century is not a good time for everyone to dream about a large spacious villa. That does not mean we cannot get the same feeling from our little apartments. There are many ways we can decorate our small apartments to appear larger.

We at Ushashi, have helped many to find their dream home. Today we will tell you the secrets to decorate after you buy budget flats in Kolkata. So, get ready and continue reading to know how you can change that claustrophobic look of your home to a spacious one.

Colour it right

The importance of paint is not limited to your favourite shade or the trend in the market. Paint is the biggest instrument in applying the décor tactics. If it goes wrong, everything will fall apart. Never choose a dark shade for a small apartment. Always keep it light. Light shades will help reflecting light and give a more vivid appearance, whereas darker shades absorb the light and make the décor gloomy. Do not use too many complementary shades. Decide on a single tone and just up and down it in places. This will dissolve the partitions between rooms and make the entire apartment look bigger.

Give space and have space

This is the simplest and most obvious solution. If you pile up everything everywhere, it will look like a complete chaos. Keep one side of the wall empty. This will make your room appear neater and more spacious.

Up the floor!

Avoid using up the floor space as much as you can. Clean and empty floor space gives a soothing appearance. To help with storage, use trendy wall mount options.

More power to Mirror!

Installing a big mirror in your washroom and other rooms will visually double the size of the rooms. It is also a very low maintenance hack.

Leggy sofas!

Opt for sofas or armchairs that are raised on legs. This will give the illusion of bigger left over space.

Just few tricks can make your little home look larger than life. Use them properly and emphasize on making your house clutter free. You are all ready to rock!


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