5 ways to add colour to any room

Vibrancy brings positive energy to the room and to the ones living in it. When it comes to vibrancy, playing with colours is the best thing to do. At times even the most well furnished and well painted rooms look dull. The reason behind it is the thought that good décor is limited to buying good furniture and painting the wall with expensive paints.

Adding that colourful cheerfulness is actually very simple and does not require digging a hole in your pocket.

Decide a theme

First look at the colour of your walls. If the tone is on lighter side, then the strategy is to place more colourful things here and there. If it has a dark tone, then experimenting with contrasting patterns will do the trick.

Window treatment

They can be expensive but many cheap alternatives are also available. They are easily removable. You can choose pattern works, if you are on a quirky mood or add signature colours.

Area Rugs

Area rugs do not require any long time commitment and are easily available. The flooring of the room will become very interesting after you put area rugs. They come in different patterns and colours as well.

Bed linen, pillow cover and curtains

Yes they are also very important components of interior décor. If your room has sofa and bed, then symmetry in their colour must exist. Curtains can change the entire appearance of any room. Pillow covers can be contrasting to each other, either in pattern or in colour but not in both.

Greeneries and flowers

Adding indoor plants and filling up the vase with bright flowers is a healthy habit. It will always give a sweet and positive energy to the room and a sense of celebration all through the year. The flower vase in itself is a great tool to bring life to your room.

Accessories and art works

Many accessories in the right tone can make the room look very colourful. It can be a flower vase, wall mounted show pieces, a bowl of fruit or anything gives a new personality to the room. Beautiful paintings show your classy taste and enhance the colourfulness.

Stay colourful with this simple tricks, enjoy!

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