5 tips to declutter your home fast

You have a lovely 2 BHK flat in Kolkata. Your new flat used to be so neat and tidy. After a year, you do not find your flat attractive anymore. The reason is you spend most of the time outside. As a result, your house is filled with clutters. You have planned a party for this weekend and now you do not understand how to declutter your house. Keep yourself cool and follow the tips of decluttering your home mentioned in the next few lines.

5 tips to declutter home fast | Usashi | Upcoming flats in KolkataPut a limit to magazines and newspapers

Every time you buy a magazine from a book stall and then after coming back home, you read a few pages of the magazine and you keep the magazine aside because you do not get time to finish reading them. This habit of yours piles up the newspapers and magazines in one corner of your house. You can prevent the magazines and newspapers from getting decluttered by clipping up the papers in a file or you can select a comfortable time when you can finish the reading materials in a day.

Be systematic

The systematic way is to take a large trash bag, select a room which you want to clean and then put all unnecessary stuffs one after the other in the trash bag. Do not opt for decluttering all rooms at a time.


Get rid of decluttered bedroom closet

Your bedroom closet will have uncountable clothes which you might have stopped wearing. Pick the unwanted clothes one by one and keep them in a bag, so that you can donate them to the needy ones.

Stay organized

Being organized does not mean that you have to be perfect. It means you have to keep things at the right place. If you are using a cutlery set from your kitchen, you should make sure that the cutlery set goes back to its place.

Declutter your home on a regular basis

Instead of choosing one day for decluttering, you can opt for every weekend to declutter your house.

Decluttering your home makes your indoor zone look beautiful. So, from now on, you should bear these vital tips in mind to make your home look the best!  


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