4 home buying mistakes you should avoid

When it comes to buying your shelter, mistakes are not always the best things to learn from. There are many grave blunders that property buyers do on their first purchase that make the sweet home feel bitter. Today we would be focusing on all those things that can save your hard-earned money.

Paper works

Not checking the documents properly or getting baffled by fake promises is the most common blunders buyers make. Getting apartments in Kolkata at the affordable rate can make you feel overwhelmed but please control that and be cautious. Consult with lawyers. Check if there is any hole in the contract to avoid getting buried deep down in it.

Fooled with “furnished”

You buy a 2 or 3 BHK well-furnished flat in a posh area in Kolkata. The dealer shows you all the appliances as fixed and furnished. And you start thinking that all you need to move in with is your family. No! Have a straight talk with the dealer about what you are getting after a handover. Get those written.


Before investing in an under construction residential complex, investigate the reputation of the dealer. Research if his previous projects were delayed or not. If you are buying flat in an existing residential complex, try to gather as much as information before signing anything. If you hear complains about the sewage or waterlogging, do not assume that things will get fixed right after you enter. If they did not remedy such grave issues in the past 15 years, they are not going to do it now.

Agent’s agenda

Solely depending on the agent is one very irresponsible attitude. The agent will get his share and is only concerned with it, and not with your well being or the future of your property. At times they are bribed by the dealers to cover up issues with properties. So you need to put your labour and intelligence behind the property and collate information from locals as well.

Spending money is not the only solution if you want to have a happy home. Being cautious of fraudulent behaviours will save your money and future. So do not panic or relax; just be patient and alert and enjoy your new house.


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