3 best places to install security cameras

Security camera is perhaps one of the most important components of every residential apartment or commercial establishment. This is indeed a very effective step towards maintaining safety and security in a systematic way. It is so true that security cameras can help stop any kind of break-ins and keep your family and property safe from miscreants. If you buy apartments in Kolkata, make sure that the concerned building is equipped with this important security measure. But one also needs to be very careful about the tactics regarding placing or installing security cameras. Let’s see what they are:

  • Security camera positioning plays an important role in providing adequate surveillance. It can be placed in the front door because that is the gateway to the rest of the house; hence, you need to play safe. Around 35% of burglars enter through the front door, so you definitely need a security camera watching all moves.
  • Back door is also a very good option for placing CCTV cameras, as that can help you find out unusual incidents happening, if any. If you plan to buy flats in Kolkata, make sure that the back door has the space to install CCTV camera and at the same time it can remain hidden.
  • Around 25% of the burglars and miscreants tend to break into a home by entering through a rear window, away from the view of the street. So you can point a camera to off-street windows to keep your home safe from thieves and vandals. This area is an apt place for installing security cameras.

All the three above mentioned places to install cameras are quite a necessity these days. But there are also other places where one can place security cameras for better safety. Garage, basement, kids’ room are perhaps some of the crucial areas in your house which needs to be kept under surveillance. Actually, no one can tell you accurately that how many cameras can save your house from thefts or other disasters. To an extent, safety depends on the security camera quality and the technique to place them. CCTV camera inside and outside home actually perform quite differently from each other.

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